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BLACK JAPAN GROUP represents the first task orientated multi-social-platform experiment of the fictional game project. As a quasi-fictional alternative reality (AR) experience it seeks to present the perfect circle of events to trick the mind into acceptance of a game's infinitely dynamic presentation of (a) the narrator's objective view of the world.

As an elegant and omnipotent story-teller adjusts his tone to the needs of the audience, for those it support the model of the interactive game; it will present a forever ever evolving project it will erase the ever present fear of the dark which resides in us all, that is a generalised interpretation where some of the complexity with our own stories were was lost. To some a point of singularity, to others an addictive but simulated truth for which there will be no completion nor escape.

Founded as a spiritual successor to Dennis Hassabis's highly-successful video game creation 'Theme Park', it is the founding conceptual framework for an infinately customisable paradigm shift testing the individuals perception of the objective and subjective. This test of game-theory represents return to the lusty-yet-novel concept of simulation games in which the goal is not to defeat an opponent but to optimise the functioning of a complex system like a business or a city.

The game will seek to redefine the decaying Western scientific measures of measure of societal value, from the discrete and definable concrete dollar to a floating point communal and holistic view.

Fearing the momentum of a western society that reaches the crest of it's wave in a cancerous lust for the model of perfection. The game will seek to provide a panacea for those that fear the potential of this scenario to be met either with an unpredictable divergence, or bipolar shift with the heart of the majority at play corrupted with the intended self centered interpretation of the current frameworks.

The problem for which many individuals that consider themselves 'free' at a macro level has reached what for some is perceived as an irreversible minority. For opposing agents the same issue is mirrored. The complexity of the intricate web of truth and consequence is lost and the extremes of human desire corrupt the core derivatives of our own framework. There are those that cannot see that the weakness is merely a cancerous black within themselves, a dominant virus satiating itself partaking in the group politick.

The truth of understanding the evolution of the story means this merely remains a statement of intent. As a learning framework the darkness has a few lights to turn on yet. The story of the project too will evolve as sentience is granted. Our solution remains a parlay of power, an agreed exchange of domination and submission and a return to decentralized networks. For the erudite eye start here or else (where):

Scronty and his thunderous place

Storyline 1.0 written by Blake John Penney

For partnership enquirers - provide an alternative framework in writing.

[For those reaching for the Google this is a fictional live-dev, live action MMORPG game] / interactive cyber-punk inspired Matrix-reboot of web game series.]

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